Over the past few months the Shoots team has enjoyed working with up and coming country artist Mark Burke. Our team was more than excited when Mark asked us to produce an engaging music video for his new single “When it Comes to You”. This production was unique in the sense that Mark has never made an official music video before, so we had to work with him in developing a story that best fit his style not only as an artist but as a person as well.

CBR BTS-3 (1).jpg

A “Not so Country” Music Video

Mark is a Nashville boy, he understands the country lifestyle, but was very keen on not making this video too country. We chose a small town in upstate New York and made conscious decisions both in production and post to create a storyline that could relate to anybody.


CBR BTS-1.jpg

In-Camera Options

The specs on this project were just insane. Depending on the frame, rig, and lighting, we executed shots in multiple frame rates and resolutions. For example, scenes that were shot wider, with more of a landscape feel were done in 8k to capture the essence of the setting. While the high frame rate scenes were done in 6k. Using the Red Monstro opens up countless visual avenues when trying to tell a story.