It is sometimes difficult to obtain candid and natural testimonials from consumers when there is an array of lights and cameras pointed directly at the talent. Our new partners at Variety Fun wanted to break that uncomfortable interview wall created by an intimidating production set to provide honest feedback on their snack delivery service. With a few selective camera angles and some friendly employees from their customers at Big Drop, it was easy to capture genuine endorsements directly from the people enjoying this unique, convenient service.  


Breaking the Wall

In today’s world, customer testimonials are the most trusted source for product and service reviews. That’s why for this project, we wanted the audience to feel they could relate to each interviewee and their sincere assessment of Variety Fun’s snack subscription service. Multiple camera frames were designed to project a “behind the scenes” feel to allow viewers to connect with the Big Drop Employees.



High Key

Since we were dealing with products, we wanted the lighting to be bright and white. Whether it was close ups on packaging or an orbiting mid shot in the clients lobby, we strived to hold this look throughout the entire video regardless of location. This was achievable with the Arri Skypanel. Paired with a chimera softbox we had both power and control when it came to lighting on subjects and spaces.