What is an underdog?  This is the story we were tasked with telling.  Is it a mindset, a personality trait, or simply something made up to keep athletes motivated?  With these questions in mind, we set out for a day of production at Varsity House, with some of the most elite athletes in the area, vying for positions on professional football teams around the globe.  We are all underdogs in a sense, looking to prove our worth to those around us.  


Speed and precision...

Have you ever gotten the chance to take an inside look at what it takes to be a D1, Canadian Football League or NFL football player?  The hours are long, the trainers are intense, and speed and power are heavily emphasized.  Everyone has a chip on their shoulder, everyone is an underdog.


Breed perfection...

Not unlike the subjects, our team was laser focused for this shoot.  In the two hour slot we were tasked with getting our shots, but staying out of the way of the athletes.  We combined the use of two rigs as well as indoor aerials to achieve maximum coverage with minimal interuption.