A Step Toward the Future at Oppenheimer & Co.

Oppenheimer made the call, it was time to "talk future" in the New York HQ.  Plain and simple, there is a dire need for constant innovation in an industry that is battling for top employees, high-end clients, and a clean public image.  Frequent, high quality productions have allowed OpCo's marketing team to confidently move forward with their most ambitious initiatives.   


The future is here...

Oppenheimer & Co. is getting serious about building a corporate marketing plan built for the future!  Staying ahead of industry marketing trends is a massive challenge in the financial industry but with a dedicated marketing team paired with the crew at Shoots Media, the future of content creation is bright at OpCo.



The future is now...

Working under pressure is very important for the growth of our team.  Being pushed to the limits has allowed us to refine our corporate craft, leading to cleaner interview setups, better audio work, and a newfound appreciation for hitting tight deadlines!  We are excited to grow with OpCo and continue to help guide their journey into the digital future!