Red cameras, soft lighting, and good music is Shoots Media’s idea of a good time. Talented singer/songwriter, Charlie Brennan tasked our team to direct and produce this visual from his most recent single, “On My Way”. We choose to convey Charlie’s message of growth through personal experiences by using soft blue tones and cinematic camera movements. A simple, yet elegant studio setup created an intimate production setting for this music video.

CB BTS-2.jpg

A Dynamic Partnership

Our friends at CBR Studios were able to take the creative vision for “On My Way” to a whole new production level. A 4,000 square foot facility, equipped with a 40X32 cyc wall, and ETC Source Four lights, combined with a dedicated and experienced crew.


CB BTS-45.jpg

Stable and Smooth

Shoots and CBR decided to utilize the reliable DJI Ronin 2 and combine it with a 5K Red Camera for some post production flexibility. The Canon Cinema Prime lenses provided our camera operators with creative control over the depth of field throughout the shoot.