A Journey to Hawaii

Big waves, beautiful beaches and sprawling rainforests, that's Hawaii.  While on the job with the Eastern Surfing Association's All Star team, we were able to have the opportunity explore Oahu.  Follow along during this minute journey, featuring cinematic aerials and some slow motion surfing!  

Shoots Hawai Photos_-5.jpg

From the Forest...

Hawaii has some of the world's most diverse topography.  Within an hour drive you have the chance to see the top of a luscious green rainforest, as well as the plume from an active volcano!


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To the Sea...

From Waimea Bay to Bonzai Pipeline, the North Shore of Oahu is hailed as having some of the best surfing in the world.  The towering glass waves provide surfer and beachgoer experiences of a lifetime.  The view from the air is even more breathtaking!