Delsey Paris

Stop motion is a medium like none other.  While having such a distinct visual appeal, there is really no way to describe its ability to transcend reality.  Luggage happened to be the perfect subject.  Just simple enough to effectively display product features, but having enough personality to tell a story in each frame. 

Using stop-motion...

This was a project like none we have completed before.  Working with talented stop-motion animation artist Cait Davis we were given the opportunity to showcase some of the new Delsey Paris luggage lines.  Have a look inside the very long day on location in Baltimore, MD!


To defy reality...

We added a clean modern flare to stop motion.  Highlighting product features was at the forefront, but aligning the store to a specific target demographic was just as important.  Pairing bright photos with elegant text animations and tasteful visual effects, we arrive at what felt like a perfectly Delsey final product.