Caroline Jones makes her TV debut on the Today Show!

" An ambitious, entrepreneurial guitar heroine primed to bring back the pop-country glory of the Nineties"  That is what Rolling Stone had to say about Caroline in their highlight of the "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know".  Having followed Caroline along her recent rise to success, it was extremely exciting to not only shoot her performance at the Today Show, but see how far she has come, refining her craft and building a dedicated fan base across the nation!   

Caroline Jones Today.png

Caroline Jones...

Caroline's recent rise to stardom is no accident.  As a true student of music, she has worked her entire life toward a successful singer/songwriter career.  It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Caroline and her team, following her journey, and seeing her hard work payoff.  It will come as no surprise when Caroline continues to climb the charts and begin touring on her own! 


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A rising star...

Having the chance to form a relationship with Caroline and her team has been a great opportunity for our crew.  Getting a better understanding of the inner workings of the music industry has been invaluable, and the relationships we've made on a business and personal level are unbeatable.  Shoots Media looks to continue to support Caroline Jones as she paves her pathway to success.