The Boys of Winter

It isn't very often that we have the chance to make a piece that hits so close to home for us.  Growing up, our lives revolved around the sport of hockey.  6 AM practices, 10 PM weekend games, and plenty of missed parties and events.  But it was all worth it.  So when a major storm came through the Northeast and closed our office, we knew what to do.  There was a story to be told about the Boys of Winter, and we knew just the guys to make it happen!



A story of...

With the prospect of a snow day on the horizon, our team decided to get back to the roots.  With a group of four hockey players, it was finally time to make a tribute to the game that we grew up on.  It was time to play some pond hockey!


Snow and ice...

But it wasn't all fun and games!  We pushed our equipment to the limits, using our favorite Tamron lenses to get the shots we needed.  Being a brand ambassador, we felt that this would be a perfect shoot to showcase quality as well as durability.  Sometimes as filmmakers we don't have control of the environment, and we must be certain that our equipment won't fail us!