Andover Healthcare


The Situation: Marketing Director at global healthcare manufacturer (Andover Healthcare) lacking product videos for international tradeshows.

The Task: Convince international buyers that our client’s product should be used over the industry leader’s more expensive, yet less effective option.

The Action: We jumped into action as soon as we identified client’s pain point. Our creative team went into hyper drive to create a preliminary production plan to present to the client. , Having already taken care of location, equipment, and miscellaneous details, we conducted several in person meetings and coordinated over the phone to nail down production plan and project scope. Gave client the ability to easily communicate/coordinate this project while continuing to work on their most pressing internal tasks.

The Result: Created three high quality product videos available for use at upcoming trade- show. Positioned company for more conversation about new product line, highlighting ease of use, attractive price point and much more. Created much needed buzz to what was becoming a stale marketing effort.