Working with industry leaders is what we strive to do. Whether it’s in the commercial, documentary, or music the Shoots team thrives off completing projects at the highest level. When LA based entertainment company Shots Studios asked us to assist in covering a few shows for world-renown DJ “Alesso”, we couldn’t have been more excited. These high energy shows yield stunning images at every corner. The only difficult part is deciding when to take photos and when to grab those unforgettable video clips.

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Handling Light

Strobe lighting is helpful when you can control it. However, when covering shows, especially for EDM artists, the key is understanding how your camera sensor will be effected by strobes, lazers, and overall change in exposure in the venue. Alesso’s team has a world class lighting crew and understanding their plans pre-show allows us to capture clean well exposed images.




This word couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to concert coverage. Not only are we talking shot perspective but perspective in terms of aspect ratio. Social media has kept content creators on their toes filming for pieces at 16x9, 1x1, and 9x16 all in the same night.